1st International Congress on Child and Youth Health

Advances in Knowledge



Days of intense knowledge sharing between the scientific and professional communities


Keynote speakers partaking diverse and complementary content


Main thematic area on Nursing, Child Health and Pediatrics


Free communications chosen among the best subjected abstracts


The 1st International Congress of Children and Youth Health will take place on October 27 and 28, 2022, at the University of Minho School of Nursing (Portugal).

The Congress' central theme is the Advances in Knowledge, focusing on the latest discoveries revealed by practice and investigation on child and youth health, and the prospects of innovation that they provide or suggest in advance.
The 1st International Congress on Children and Youth Health promotes face -to -face participation. We believe that space sharing promotes interactivity and knowledge diffusion. Thus, this event will take place on-site, allowing invited speakers, authors and the audience to interact in real time, benefiting the most from this international meeting.

Activity Accredited by the Ordem dos Enfermeiros (Order of Nurses)

Main theme

Nursing, Child Health and Pediatrics.

The organizing committee of the 1st International Congress on Children and Youth Health invites the participation of researchers, academics, nurses, health professionals and students, whose work develops on the field of child and youth and whose advances in knowledge may contribute for the whole community.

The contribution must be given through the submission of original abstracts. The authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to make their presentation at the congress. Only the publicly presented works will be published in the Congress Book of Abstracts.

The submitted summaries must follow the main theme proposed for the congress, although it constitutes a mere frame reference and not a restriction on the thematic approach. Articles written in Portuguese, English and Spanish will be accepted.

Call for papers

The 15 best works will be accepted by the Congress Scientific Committee for presentation in oral communications. The remaining accepted work will be available for e-poster consultation.

Submitted abstracts must fit the Congress main theme, must be original and should not have been previously presented or published in other scientific events or magazines.
New submission deadline until October 13th. Due to technical issues, a new submission link is now available.

Abstracts must be submitted through the EasyChair platform, through this link, and obey the following submission requirements:

1. Filling of the following mandatory fields:
    > Abstract title, at a maximum of 12 words (PT/ES, EN);
    > Abstract up to 500 words, including: introduction, objectives, methodology, results and conclusions; in the case of a description of a good practice it should contain: context, procedure, objectives, results and conclusions (PT/ES, EN);
    > At least 3 and up to 5 keywords (PT/ES, EN);
    > Attach the .pdf format article, obeying the following template CISCJ2022_abstract.docx
    > References must respect the APA standard, 7th edition.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Under penalty of exclusion, the submitted abstract in .pdf format cannot present any signs of identification of their authors in order to guarantee the blind assessment of reviewers. Likewise, non-compliance with the rules previously described implies the non-acceptance of the summaries.

Double blind peer-review
The evaluation of the submitted summaries will be carried out by the Scientific Committee, which is responsible for the decision on acceptance or non -acceptance of the abstract, in a Double-blind Peer-Review system (anonymous review by two of its members), and according to the following parameters:
          a.       The adequacy of the presentation to the themes of Congress
          b.       Degree of innovation/contribution to scientific discussion
          c.       Quality of information, scientific rigor
          d.        Summary structuring

The decision on acceptance or non-acceptance of the work will be communicated until October 17, 2022, and at least one of the authors shall register in Congress until October 20, 2022 (only works that comply with this requirement will be presented).

Oral communications will have a 10 -minute presentation time, followed by 5 minutes for discussion.

The accepted and presented works will be published in a digital format book, with ISBN, to be published after Congress at a date to be defined by the organization. Only the works presented at the Congress will be included in the Book of Abstracts.

A prize will be awarded to the best oral communication, which will be delivered to the attending authors at the closing ceremony.


Submission of Abstracts
NEW DATE Until October13, 2022

Notification to the authors
Until October 17, 2022

Registration for authors
Until October 20, 2022

Registration for public
Until October 27, 2022

IMPORTANT Registration for the event through the UM portal requires pre-registration through the button available in the menu at the top of the page [see here].

27-28 October 2022

Keynote speakers

Inger Kristensson Hallström

Teacher, Child and Family Health Main researcher, Lucc: Lund University Cancer Center Professor, researcher, Ephealth: Epidemiologies for Health

Marcia L. Van Riper

Marcia Van Riper, PhD, RN, Faan, Professor, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (USA) Teacher, researcher, pediatric nursing, reproductive health, disability

Mark Mekelburg

Mark Mekelburg is one of the founders of Operation Red Nose, director of external formation, trainer of the workshop “Looking for your inner clown” and palha-strante of the “I Play in Service” and “the 3 Hs of Communication” palh-estras, along with being “Dr. P.P.P. Popcorn” in hospitals. Within him lives one of the sweetest and most magical clowns in the world. With his very special pronunciation, he reinvents moments of tenderness in his visits to the hospital. A very human professional, with a great sense of humour and love. He has been working as a clown since 1979 having already held hundreds of shows and training for schools, companies, churches and private events. Mark completed his degree in secondary education in the areas of English and Drama in 1976. He is married, has two Afro -Luso -American children and has been living in Portugal for 31 years.



Opening of the Secretariat

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International Conference · Inger Kristensson Hallström

Interaction between theory, research, and clinical practice
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Coffee break



Child health — global challenges for the 2030 Agenda
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Free communications

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Opening Session

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Coffee break



The practice based on the evidence in Pediatric ENF
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International Conference · Marcia L. Van Riper

Ethical, legal, and social implications of advances in Genomics
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Pediatric Palliative Care
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Coffee break


Mark Mekelburg – Red Nose Operation

Play and unexpected hope
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Free communications

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Intervention Projects

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Award delivery

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Closing session


Individual 90 euros
Groups of 5 or more elements 70 euros/pax

ESSE students discount 30 euros
Other students discount 40 euros

Estimate number of participants 150

IMPORTANT Registration for the event through the UM portal requires pre-registration through the button available in the menu at the top of the page
[see here].
Os autores devem fazer o seu registo here until the deadline of October 20.

Registration for the public can be made
here or at the Secretariat, on Congress Day.

We advise all interested parties to make their registration in good time to secure their place at the event.

More information


Scientific Commission

Cristina Martins
Francisco Amorim
Francisco Mendes
Goreti Mendes
José Vilelas
Maria José Silva
Simão Vilaça

Organizing Committee

Ana Denise de Melo Gonçalves Salsa
Ana Glória Mahomed Gonçalves
Ana Rita Ferreira Gonçalves
Ângela Maria Gouveia Barbosa
Catarina Costa Cardoso
Cristina Araújo Martins
Esmeralda Maria Brandão Santos
Fernando Miguel Marques C. Guimarães
Filipe Daniel da Rocha Martins
Isabel Cristina Vale Silva
Joana Torgal Dias Duarte
José Pedro Rios Alves
Margarida Sofia da Silva Mouta Peixoto
Maria Goreti Silva Ramos Mendes
Maria José Matos Rodrigues Silva
Rafael Lemos Martins
Simão Pedro Pereira Vilaça
Susana Cristina Ferreira Sampaio Mineiro
Ticiana Alexandra Leite Moreira Ribeiro
Vanessa Cristela Silva Alves
Veneranda da Conceição Caleiro Pereira


Universidade do Minho

Campos de Gualtar

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